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About Ideal Financial Management

The great benefit of working as a small wealth management boutique is that our clients always get a familiar name at the end of the phone who they can build a relationship with.  It certainly beats waiting in line for 20 minutes and then talking to a stranger!

Here’s a few of our values that we uphold when working with clients:-

  • The financial planning process revolves around YOU, not your money
  • YOU should benefit from our service more than we do.
  • Long term client relationships are more effective than one off transactions.
  • You need to be told the truth about your money, not just sold products and policies

We also believe

  • In empowering YOU to make good financial decisions by educating YOU via newsletters, blogs and review meetings.
  • In the transparency of our costs & services so YOU know what we will do for YOU and what it will cost.
  • In a team approach to financial planning as this helps to ensure YOU get the right advice from the right person.

As a small, ’boutique style’ practice we feel we are best suited to individuals who:-

  • are successful in life but have little time and/or expertise to manage their financial affairs
  • are seeking expert financial advice and/or investment management for their portfolio’s
  • want help to formulate and maintain a clear financial plan and strategy to make the most out of their hard earned money
  • need a sounding board
  • want the discipline of a regular review of their finances
  • regard service and a trusted relationship as important
  • are seeking a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom

For an initial discovery meeting with no obligation on either part call us on 01302 880140. We’d be happy to have a chat.

Meet The Team

Financial Advisors

Brian Butcher

Brian Butcher has been an independent financial adviser for almost 30 years.  As the author of 10 steps to Financial Success – How to get the best life you can with the money you’ve got Brian helps people to create financial plans that help them to achieve far more with their finances than they ever thought possible.  He also specialises in the field of retirement planning, working with clients to make the right financial decisions so they can maintain their lifestyle as their careers are coming to an end.

He’s married with two sons and one step daughter. 

You can connect with Brian on linkedin here



David Patrickson

David Patrickson has been in the financial services industry for over 30 years and is both a Chartered AND Certified financial planner.  As a specialist in the matters of financial planning and divorce, Dave is one of only 39 advisers in the UK to hold the Resolution Accreditation for Independent Financial Advisers.

He also works with solicitors and legal representatives in the area’s of trust planning and trustee investing.  Dave has appeared regularly in the Daily Express Money section in response to readers questions and also in the local press.

You can connect with Dave on linkedin here

Neil Woods

Neil Woods has been a financial advisor for 20 years and is a general pracitioner, advising his clients on all aspects of financial planning and advice.

Neil also works on the internal investment committee, monitoring company and fund performance statistics to ensure that we only recommend the most suitable funds for our clients. Neil is originally from Castleford but now lives in Cusworth with his partner.  His hobbies include horse racing and listening to live music.

Connnect with Neil on linkedin here




Mortgage Advisors

Mick Mason

Mick Mason is our independent mortgage and protection adviser.  Mick helps clients to find the right mortgage for their needs, saving them time and effort and above all saving them money.  Mick also helps clients to get the right protection products in place to take care of clients futures. Whether you’re buying your first home, moving house, remortgaging or your buying to let, Mick will help you do it to YOUR benefit.  He can also help you put a plan in pace to be mortgage free as soon as possible.

Mick lives in Armthorpe with his wife, son and daughter.  He is a lifelong Man Utd fan but we don’t hold that against him!

Connect with Mick on linkedin here


Ben Butcher

Ben joined the company in 2016 on an apprenticeship scheme. In 2018 he qualified as a mortgage adviser and, in 2019, Ben qualified as one of the UK’s youngest ever financial advisors by achieving the Diploma in Financial Planning with the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

Ben continues to help clients with mortgage and protection advice.  He also now works with clients on full financial planning and wealth management, specilaising in pension and investment reviews.

You can connect with Ben on linkedin here




Liane Clarking

Liane joined Ideal in 2014 as a trainee adviser.  She qualified as a mortgage adviser and currently helps people to get the best mortgage deal and making sure they are fully financially protected against any catastrophe’s that life may bring. 

Liane is also qualified in equity release and so is able to help clients that want to use their home to release funds to facilitate their lifestyle, particularly in their golden years.

In 2019 Liane also successfully attained the Diploma in Financial Planning from the London Insititute of Banking and Finance.  She is now studying to be a Chartered Financial Planner whilst assisting the senior financial planners with their client duties.  You can connect with Liane on linkedin here

Jill Burke

Jill has worked in the financial services industry since 1985 and was the office manager for the Doncaster branch of the Prudential until it closed in 2001.  She joined Ideal in April 2002 and so has been with Ideal Financial Management since its formation in November 2002.

As Office Manager Jill oversees the administration process, ensuring a high level of compliance and customer service is attained within the company.  




Stephanie Prescott

Stephanie joined Ideal in the Spring of 2017 after having held previous roles within the financial services, healthcare and the legal sectors.

Steph is responsible for helping Jill, our office manager, to ensure the administration of clients financial plans run smoothly. She is also studying for the Financial Administration exams with the Chartered Institute of Insurance.





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