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10 steps to Financial Success

How to get the best life you can with the money you’ve got.

This book teaches you, in easy to understand language, how to manage your money so you can live life to the fullest. You will learn how to identify what’s important in your life, set appropriate goals and then create your own financial plan that will help you get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This book can both save and make you a fortune.

How great would it be to know that you’re totally in control of your finances?

How great would it feel to have no debts?

Would it bring peace of mind to know that you’re protected against little emergencies and your loved ones are protected against financial catastrophes?

How about knowing that your assets are growing, you have a solid savings and investment strategy and your retirement is secure?

Would having a clear financial plan, based around what’s really important to you, together with a simple way to monitor your progress help you achieve your financial goals quicker and easier?


A quick overview of the book

To purchase a copy of 10 steps to Financial Success email us at or call us on 01302 880140.

“One of the biggest problems with financial advice is that it is usually full of jargon and business-speak which makes it impenetrable to us mere mortals. This book is different. It is written in plain English and is enjoyable, dare I say it, fun to read. It provides clarity and straightforward thinking which is rare in financial books. If you want to take control of your finances, you need this book.”

Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

 “I commend this book to you! Brian Butcher has packaged sound and straight-forward advice in a really easy to read and accessible book.  Financial planning is something we all need to know how to do. The thought of sitting down and reading a book on the subject may not seem too appealing at first. However, this is a joy to read. It’s just like having an expert in the room with you, explaining it all over a beer.  Fantastic!”

Simon Hartley, Founder of Be World Class

 “This is comprehensive advice. I really like the fact that it never flips to being too technical or swings back the other way to being light touch and presumptive. It is an excellent tool for the intelligent and interested user to gain a sound understanding of what is needed to plan their future”.

Jon Lister, FCCA, Chartered and Certified Accountant

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